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Jeff Woods Radio Show Debuts In October | Records & Rockstars


Jeff Woods has a fresh new radio show seeking affiliates now and will launch in October. Programmers can contact Jeff Woods contact@jeffwoodsradio.com

The most talked about Jeff Woods attribute is his voice. It has been heard on radio and television for decades. Jeff’s life and career has been about creating content and context around music and the promotion of bands and recording artists.

Jeff has also programmed radio stations and websites including Q107 Toronto, The FOX and Rock 101 Vancouver, in addition to being on the team that launched the original brand known as The Bear (Edmonton).

Canada’s leading vintage rock authority, Woods has been at the center of conversation and context around music for 30+ years. Jeff has hosted radio programs and series, since 1983. He was the creator and host of The Legends of Classic Rock, heard internationally over 14 seasons, by a million weekly listeners across Canada and around the world. His many one-on-one interviews include artists like The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Rush, Ozzy Osbourne, The Band, Pearl Jam, Santana & David Bowie.

Records & Rockstars

Programmers can contact Jeff Woods contact@jeffwoodsradio.com

The Stuph File Program – Episode #0371


Welcome to the latest edition of the Stuph File Program.

For a program list of the items included and all their accompanying links in this one hour show, you can find the information on my website in the Stuph File Program section, or just follow this link to #0371.

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Featured in this episode:

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St John: Coast Radio Announcer Taken Off the Air for Controversial Tweet



A radio announcer with Coast 101.1 in St. John’s is no longer with the station after posting a controversial tweet. The station has confirmed that Joel North is no longer with the station after receiving complaints earlier this week.

A young woman posted a tweet online asking people to watch a live stream of her hanging out. North responded to the tweet saying “you’d get more viewers of you were stripping.” She fired back stating “you’d get more followers if you weren’t a pig.”

VOCM News has been told that after the station received word of the incident, company officials met with North and he is no longer employed with the company. A post to Twitter from the station today reads “Coast reaffirms our commitment to the community and the values you’ve come to expect

Click here to read the tweets

Tracy Johnson Blog: Personal Story Competition


Calling all air talent:

Following the webinar It’s Not About You, It’s all About You, a seminar detailing how air talent can bring stories from their off-air lives to the radio, I’m pleased to announce a Personal Story Competition.

All air talent is invited to submit an example of telling their best personal stories on the air.

By sharing your examples of personal stories, everyone in radio can benefit from your expertise and ideas.

Send entries in mp3 format to tracy@tjohnsonmediagroup.com or just send me a link (or embed code) on Sound Cloud.

All entries will be posted, and available for voting through October 31. After voting is concluded, I’ll make short comments on each entry, and award the entry receiving the most votes with a more in-depth critique of the personal story entered.


Legendary Vancouver Radio Legend Jack Cullen | The King Of Night Time Radio


Jack Cullen in late 1982, aired in January 1983.

He was recording his show in a small strip-mall in Burnaby, BC Canada (Brentwood Mall)  and didn’t want the outside filmed because his vast record collection was in there at the time.

Radio Dead: New Radio Station Only Plays Artists Who Are No Longer With Us


By Jay Clinton The Essential Daily Briefing 

They may be dead but on one radio station their music, and only their music, lives on. Welcome to Radio Dead, the very first radio station in the world that will play exclusively the music of artists who have passed on to the great musical mausoleum in the sky. The idea for the Internet radio station came to UK broadcaster, Steve Penk, earlier this year as he reflected on the loss of so many artists, including David Bowie and Prince.

Uplifting “I developed the radio station format as an uplifting positive tribute to all these wonderful artists who are sadly no longer with us,” he said.
“So many of them never get played on the radio anymore, which is a tragedy, so I want to keep their music very much alive and remind people how great these artists are. I wanted to create a radio station that only plays dead artists, a radio station that remembers and celebrates these amazing artists 24/7: the world’s only music radio station where you can only get on the playlist if you’re dead.”

Dead playlist In researching artists to compile his “dead playlist”, which also includes dead guitarists, drummers, keyboardists and backing singers, Penk, who is the ex-host of ITV’s Naughtiest Blunders and TV Nightmares and the man responsible for the prank call to Prime Minister Tony Blair on his Capital FM radio show, was a little zealous in “killing off” some musical stars. “Many of the original rock ‘n’ roll giants are still with us: Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Fats Domino, but these artists will sadly die in the next few years and of course will be added to the Radio Dead playlist,” he said. Sadly, there is certainly a steady stream of singers and musicians eligible for airplay on Radio Dead. Just recently Ska legend, Prince Buster, who had a huge influence on the band Madness, made it onto the station’s playlist. Niche Radio This addition to such niche radio follows the recent launch of the new national radio station Union JACK which is also streamed online. Its remit? Only ever to play music by British artists dating from the birth of rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950. Meanwhile, it would seem Penk is not alone in desiring the dulcet tones of the dead. Radio Dead, which can be accessed through live streaming on the internet via www.stevepenk.co.uk and also has an free app that can be downloaded, has gained particular interest from the Spanish-speaking world. “I suppose music is the universal language everyone understands and the format appears to have connected with the Spanish-speaking world,” he said. “In the exciting digital age it’s proof that people are looking for something a little different. They may be gone but their music live on…on Radio Dead.”

Live streaming on the internet viawww.stevepenk.co.uk

Announcement: Dahlia Kurtz Departs Afternoons 680 CJOB Winniepeg



After long and thoughtful consideration, I have decided it’s time to move forward and part ways with 680 CJOB.

Hosting and producing my social good show for the past three years is something I dreamed of … And I got to live that dream because of 680 CJOB and Corus Entertainment.

The studio has been my classroom. Yes, it’s where I learned how to be a talk show host, but more important, it taught me how to be authentic and opened my mind to so many stories I never would have otherwise heard.

Before this role, I had no idea how powerful human connection could be and how much social good we could create. From sharing stories with Nobel Peace Prize and Academy Award winners to Martin Luther King Jr.’s right-hand-man to comedians to prisoners-of-war to difference-makers in our community, I had the privilege to be in a position where I could connect people. And I saw how that connection bred kindness, which spread like a contagion: Social good.

My most memorable shows will always be my signature TGPF: Thank Good People Friday. Listeners would call in to tell us something nice someone did for them that week. This could be a friend, a stranger … anyone. And I’ll never forget that TGPF the day after I received a Mental Health Hero Award: The first person called in, sharing a kindness that was done for her … and ended her call by voluntarily mentioning that she deals with depression and anxiety. Then, the next person shares his TGPF and follows up by voluntarily telling us his mental health challenges. These TGPFs and voluntary personal disclosures continued for almost an hour. TGPF was a safe space that in turn created a safer space for others.

So, as September 30th – my last day – approaches, it’s hard to say goodbye to the show, my colleagues, my guests and my listeners (who have really been my producers). To those of you who have worked with me, supported me, and cheered me … And to those of you who have taken your time to connect with the show in any capacity … Thank you. And thank you for accepting that I do things differently.

I wish CJOB, Corus and my colleagues all the best, and am grateful to have been part of such an incredible team and organization.
But just because I got to live that dream, it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped dreaming.
Now, as I move forward, I’m bursting with excitement for new possibilities and opportunities.


A Day In The Life Of A Radio Personality


By Donald

A Day in the Life of a Radio Personality

Working for the media always fascinated me since I was a small kid. I always dreamed to become a TV anchor. As a kid I always emulated several newscasters. I always made sure that I didn’t miss any moment to interact with them live on TV. They were not only inspiring, but they seemed cool.

This was the very reason why I decided to study mass communication while I was in college. How it is also at this time that I shifted my passions to love radio production. There was something in me which made me that I would be horrible on TV. Radio seemed cool. I decided to major in radio production, media arts and general journalism.

But getting a career on the radio wasn’t an easy task for me. After I finished college, I was taken as an intern by a local government radio station. I thought that I had the best skills by having a mere degree in mass communication. I was totally wrong. There was so much expected from me that I had earlier imagined.

As an intern, I was given a role which wasn’t quite attractive. I was an assistant reporter and I would often go from place to place to report an event happening as well as local news. Mostly, I never did the recording, but I would set up all electronic tools and equipment needed by the reporter. This mostly sucked. I felt that my capabilities were being undermined. These roles weren’t exciting at all. Nevertheless, I did have little options. Therefore I had to stick to these roles. I just prayed for the internship period to come to an end.

A Radio Internship Opportunity Where I Failed to Learn

It did come eventually after 6 months. However, I must admit that I gained little experience if any. I simply was no different from a newly graduated journalist. This was confirmed when I applied for jobs to several local radio stations only to be turned down. Most of the response for my rejection was the fast that I did not possess the ‘necessary’ skills. No employer was ready to have me. This was very traumatizing and pathetic for me. Time was running and I still couldn’t secure a job. I felt that I had made the wrong choice in my career.

I started contemplating going back to college for further studies. However, the current financial situation in my family couldn’t allow. My two younger siblings were still in college and thus my parents were shouldering a heavy burden. If I were to further my studies, I then had to wait. Yet, I wasn’t ready to wait for another one and half year or so doing nothing.

I considered the prospects of venturing into business. Yet, I had no capital required to commence any business no matter how small it was. I was somehow becoming frustrated. I decided that I had to do things differently if at all I was to be given any opportunity to work of the radio. That is when I started researching more about the life of radio presenter. I read many stories and gained knowledge about what makes one a professional and adorable radio personality.

How Volunteering helped me Gain More Experience in Radio Career

At that time, I also decided to volunteer at a community radio station. I wanted to gain more knowledge and skills which would make me more marketable. One of the most vital experience that I gained at that time was the need have passion about media communications skills. I realized that I didn’t have to do it for fun. I had to develop passion.

The most important aspect though was the learning to listen and then learn how to a radio personality narrates all the stories that one ears. I had to develop the art of writing cool and interesting pieces of brief, pitches, scripts etc from all the stories and views that I got from people. At first this wasn’t very interesting, but with time I started gaining experience.

I gained the skills of researching for various stories and also getting information from experts and opinions from people. One thing which greatly helped me then was the facts that I had great interpersonal skills which helped me to elicit stories and more information from the people that I interacted with.

I also had to have a wide knowledge about the current affairs and news happening not only locally but all over the globe. The internet became my best tool to help me get updated. By this time, I was freelancing. It was a tough life given that I didn’t have much money to cater for my daily expenses as I went from place to place covering various stories and writing pitches to radio station.

My Career development in the Media Industry

However, one piece of story that I did about the engagement of community in national affairs caught the eyes of one local radio station. It was a piece that I had thoroughly researched on and recorded enough opinions and data from people. It is this piece which enabled me to get employed as a reporter by the radio station. Within time, I was promoted to become a programmed editor.

The more I gained experience, the better I became. I also tried to be unique in my own ways especially in the presentation of the views and opinions of people in the various programs that I produced. Eventually, I was also given the role of being a radio producer while still working as a program editor.

The most vital aspect which has extensively helped me in my career and in developing creative pieces of programs for the radio is networking. You have to know various people and get as much information as you about any topic if at all your listeners will eventually get convinced that you are professional. You have to also have great interpersonal skills and be ready to work with other. Also respecting the opinions of others is also very important given that you are not working on anything about science and people will always think differently. Yet, this is one of the most fulfilling careers if you have passions for it.


Edmontonians Vote Hot 107 Edmonton As Favourite Radio Station


Vue Weekly’s Best of Edmonton includes HOT 107!

September 21, 2016 – The votes have been counted and Vue Weekly’s Best of Edmonton 2016 results are IN! HOT 107 is excited to share that Edmonton has voted HOT 107 as their favourite radio station for the second year in a row! Edmontonians also voted HOT 107’s DJ TYCO as the Best Local DJ, Lisa Evans as their Favourite Tweeter (@thelisaevans) and Johnny Infamous as the Best Late Night Radio Host.

The City of Champions also selected as runner up in their categories: Ryder in the Morning for Favourite Morning Host along with the team of Ryder in the Morning with Lisa Evans for Best Radio Morning Team, Jake Ryan for Best Radio Afternoon Host and the team of Jake Ryan & DJ Tyco with the :107Minute HOTMix for Best Radio Afternoon Team.

Vue Weekly, Edmonton’s urban weekly newspaper, asked their readers to weigh in on their favorite local heavyweights for the Best of Edmonton 2016. From favorite media personalities to the best doggie daycare, they’ve got it all covered in their Best of Edmonton poll. Watch for it on newsstands!

HOT 107 is Edmonton’s HOTTEST Music. Catch Ryder in the Morning with Lisa Evans, Weekdays from 5:30AM – 9AM. Listen to Jake Ryan, Weekdays from 1PM – 6PM where he is joined daily by DJ TYCO for the :107Minute HOTMix starting at 4:20PM. Full details on all shows HERE.

For more information, please contact:
Lacey Slater
Promotions & Marketing Director/Assistant Program Director
HOT 107 – Edmonton’s Hottest Music
Direct: 780-391-3858,

About Harvard Broadcasting: Headquartered in Regina, Harvard is a privately owned broadcaster with a western focus, operating radio stations in Saskatchewan and Alberta. For additional information on Harvard Broadcasting Inc. and our stations please visit harvardbroadcasting.com

Broadcast Vancouver Whitecaps Games On Music Radio


By Tyler Green 24 Hours

Seattle Sounders FC and 107.7 The End have announced that the station will broadcast two Sounders matches — one against LA Galaxy and the other versus Real Salt Lake.

Sounders matches have traditionally been broadcast on KIRO Radio in Seattle — think CKNW as a Vancouver equivalent — but have been moved around occasionally to the ESPN sports station. This year, they are doing something different with The End, which is an alternative rock station.

Broadcasting on a music station is an interesting idea, especially when you look at Vancouver Whitecaps FC broadcasting locally on TSN1040. Over the six years of broadcasting on TSN Radio — previously TEAM Radio — little has changed and providing the ear with something different like the Sounders are doing actually makes for an interesting concept.

What a music station could provide is a different audience — a straight split demographically of men and women aged 25-45. If you have been to a Whitecaps game, you’ll notice the millennial crowd, along with Gen Y and Xers in attendance. Even though sports have traditionally been dominated by men, there’s a lot of women attending Whitecaps games.

While there wouldn’t be a traditional pre- and post-game show, you can engage fans in other ways — perhaps the players’ favourite songs on the broadcast intermingled with comments from the broadcasters or hosts or DJs and players saying things like “here’s Jordan Harvey’s top 10 leading up to the game.”

Who wouldn’t want my good friend Captain Scotty from the CFOX morning show — also the only media member to win the Whitecaps FC Media Invitational soccer tournament every year — providing fun commentary? Or The Peak’s Jason Manning — a huge sports fan — giving a different take on the match while playing good music?

There’s always advantages and disadvantages to a move like the Sounders are doing, but sometimes different can stand out. Who knows if The Peak or CFOX, or any other station will want the ‘Caps in 2017, but here’s to pondering what Whitecaps FC’s Tom Plasteras — director of broadcast and communications — might be planning.

Tyler hosts SOCCER TALK presented by Metrotown Physio, podcasting each week on iTunes, Stitcher and at www.soccertalkvan.libsyn.com. Follow Tyler on twitter at @tylergreenFC and at www.facebook.com/soccertalkvan

Notice Of Hearing Edmonton For Ethnic Radio Station September 27th, 2016


Notice of hearing
27 September 2016
Edmonton, Alberta
9 a.m. at the Radisson Hotel & Convention.

Deadline for submission of interventions/comments/answers: 20 July 2016

[Submit an intervention/comment/answer or view related documents]

The Commission will hold a hearing beginning on 27 September 2016 at 9 a.m. at the Radisson Hotel & Convention Center Edmonton, 4520 76 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, Alberta, to consider the following applications:
Applicant and locality

VMS Media Group Ltd.
Edmonton, Alberta
Application 2016-0372-0

Neeti P. Ray, on behalf of a corporation to be incorporated
Edmonton, Alberta
Application 2016-0358-0

Antoine Karam, on behalf of a corporation to be incorporated
Edmonton, Alberta
Application 2015-0007-5

Dufferin Communications Inc.
Edmonton, Alberta
Application 2016-0329-1

Radio India Ltd.
Edmonton, Alberta
Applications 2016-0344-9 and 2016-0374-6

Multicultural Broadcasting Corporation Inc.
Edmonton, Alberta
Application 2016-0348-1

Harmon Bal, on behalf of a corporation to be incorporated
Edmonton, Alberta
Application 2016-0353-0

Akash Broadcasting Inc.
Edmonton, Alberta
Application 2016-0359-8

South Fraser Broadcasting Inc.
Edmonton, Alberta
Application 2016-0365-5

1811258 Alberta Ltd.
Edmonton, Alberta
Application 2016-0360-6

Société Radio Communautaire du Grand Edmonton Society
Edmonton, Alberta
Application 2016-0354-8

Riding Mountain Broadcasting Ltd.
Brandon, Manitoba
Application 2016-0342-3
For more information click here

Interview: Winnipeg CJOB Radio Legend Bob Irving


By Winnipeg Sun

He may have been born in Saskatchewan, but Bob Irving is a Winnipeg legend.

The longtime radio voice of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Irving has been a staple at talk radio station CJOB since 1973, including a three-decade stretch as its sports director that only ended with his semi-retirement — he’s only covering football nowadays. His stellar work over the years has been honoured with an induction into the reporters’ wing of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, as well as an investiture into the Order of Manitoba. And this Wednesday, he’ll be inducted into the Blue Bombers Hall of Fame as a builder at the team’s legacy gala dinner.

Irving has been married for 44 years to his wife Daye. The couple has three kids and seven grandkids.

1. It’s Sunday morning. What are you having for breakfast?

Bacon and eggs or Raisin Bran.

2. If you didn’t do what you do for a living, what would you be?

have no idea.


3. Who’s your hero?

As a kid, Bobby Hull. Now, golfer Tom Watson.

4. Last book you couldn’t put down?

Anything by James Patterson.

5. Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

Karen Carpenter.

6. What’s the last song you downloaded?

I Can’t Make You Love Me, by Bonnie Raitt.

7. If you could see one concert, what would it be?

Burton Cummings.

8. What’s the best thing about Winnipeg?


9. What’s your weirdest habit?

I don’t have one.

10. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Standing in line.

11. What’s your fast-food guilty pleasure?

Butterscotch sundae.

12. What was your most embarrassing moment?

Announcing former Bomber Mel Wilson had passed away, then getting a phone call from Mel Wilson.

13. Which person, alive or dead, would you like to have dinner with?

Tom Watson.

14. What’s your favourite vacation destination?

A cruise ship anywhere in the Carribean.

15. What is your favourite TV show?


16. What’s your favourite movie?

I have two: Field of Dreams and Secretariat.

17. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

The power to rid myself of a fear of flying.

18. What’s the one thing you haven’t done that you’d love to do?

Go to the Masters.

19. If we’re buying, you’re having ...

Steak and lobster.

20. What are your words to live by?

It never hurts to be nice to people.



30-Plus Year Radio Broadcasting Career Comes To A Halt For Plainfield Man



Video didn’t kill the radio star. The new ways people receive their music did.

Radio veteran Bob Zak of Plainfield hopes to return to the airwaves soon.

Zak recently left 95.9 The River (WERV), where he had worked for the last 13 years. On July 26, Zak said the radio station notified him that station management was reducing its workforce.

“When I started in radio, I was playing records and tapes. That’s all gone,” Zak said. “When I started, you were picking out your own music. Local bands would show up at your station and ask, ‘Can you listen to this record?’ and if you liked it, you played it. Now all the music is stored on a hard drive in the computer.”

A 30-plus career in radio is darn good for a former shy kid who didn’t do well in school, but did spend hours tuning into his idols, Larry Lujack on Chicago’s WCFL and WLS and Frank O’Leary on Joliet’s WJOL, and longing to emulate them.

“There wasn’t anyone in town who didn’t know who Frank O’Leary was,” Zak said. “Both shared an amazing ability to communicate with people and make it feel like you were the only one they were talking to.”

O’Leary was so conversational, people forgot he was interviewing them, Zak said. O’Leary steered away from the typical questions and drew out the other person’s personality and interests, he added.

Zak especially liked Lujack’s ability to weave anecdotes among the songs and make the entire broadcast fun. Zak recalled Lujack playing The Beatles’ “I Want To Hold Your Hand” several times in a row because Lujack loved the song.

“I had not heard anyone like him,” Zak said.

Inspired by these radio personalities, Zak pursued his own career. Over the years, he’s worked at 14 outlets. Zak said he was inducted in 2014 into the City of Joliet’s Hall of Fame in the Business/Philanthropy category.

Beginnings and endings

“For me, it started it at JJC, where I had some phenomenal teachers who first brought out my ability to communicate via writing,” Zak said. “From there I went to USF and thought, ‘Well, I guess I can write, but can I talk?’ And I was lucky to enough to have Art Hellyer as a professor. He taught me so much and brought me out of my shell.”

With an attitude of “I think I can do this,” Zak mastered the equipment, practiced – and then practiced some more. After graduation, Zak began his radio career as a news writer and reporter at WJRC in Joliet.

Montreal Radio Station CPAM 1410 AM Arson Attack


By Annabelle Olivier Global TV

Montreal police are investigating following an arson attack on Crémazie Boulevard, near 13th Avenue in Montreal’s Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension borough.

Police were called to the scene at 3:30 a.m. Sunday after a fire broke out at a Haitian radio station.

“A suspect broke the window and threw an incendiary object inside,” Manuel Couture, a Montreal police spokesperson, said.

According to Couture, damage to the building was minor and there were no reports of injuries.

Police have no suspects.

Couture confirmed the station was targeted a few months ago with a similar attack near the building.

Facebook Celebrates Ten Years Of News Feed | Mark Zuckerberg Speaks


Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

On News Feed’s 10th birthday, I want to share some thoughts on the idea of a social feed and how it’s changed the way we see the world.

In many ways, social media is the most diverse form of media that has ever existed.

Before the internet, most people got their news from only a handful of newspapers, TV and radio stations. Different outlets made different editorial decisions, and it was easy to pick one you liked and stick with it.

Now that’s changing. A study by the Pew Research Center this year showed that more than seven in ten adults get their news on mobile, and two out of three say family and friends are an important way they get news — including through social media. That means more people are getting exposed to a larger and more diverse set of opinions.

One of the things we’re really proud of at Facebook is that, whatever your political views, you probably have some friends who are in the other camp. You probably have some friends who practice different religions — or who come from different countries. In Europe, for example, the average person on Facebook has more than 50 friends from outside their own country.

That means whatever TV station you might watch or whatever newspaper you might read, on Facebook you’re hearing from a broader set of people than you would have otherwise. Last year, the American Press Institute found that seven out of ten millennials — the group that’s most likely to get their news online — said their social media feeds contained a mix of viewpoints similar to and different from their own. And three out of four said they investigated different opinions at least some of the time.

It’s not a perfect system. Research shows that we all have psychological bias that makes us tune out information that doesn’t fit with our model of the world. It’s human nature to gravitate towards people who think like we do. But even if the majority of our friends have opinions similar to our own, with News Feed we have easier access to more news sources than we did before.

Still, we can help by doing a better job filtering out false information or clickbait. We’ve made some changes to the News Feed algorithm, and we’re constantly trying to get a better understanding of what our community finds valuable and what it doesn’t.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to make Facebook a place for all ideas. Some of what we’re up against is human nature — biases that existed long before the internet. But by giving people access to more information and helping promote diversity and a plurality of opinions, we can build stronger communities.

I’m interested to hear what you think about these issues. Leave your comments below or like your favorites and I’ll respond to as many as I can.