CHAM Goes Country Fires 12 Staffers
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CHAM Goes Country Fires 12 Staffers
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For the first time in about 20 years, Hamiltonians listening to the radio today won’t hear the voice of Jason Farr.

Farr, 41, was a journeyman radio man, eliciting his dulcet tones on such stations as 1150 CKOC, Y108 and for the last five years or so on 820 CHAM.

Farr is out of work as a format change at 820 CHAM led to his termination and job losses for about a dozen other people, including other on-air personalities Dave Shuttleworth and Mike Bullard.

Astral Media, which owns 820 CHAM, switched the station back to a country music format at noon yesterday following two years of a failed attempt to operate another talk station in Hamilton and compete against the venerable 900 CHML.

Farr was called into a boardroom by a manager after he completed his morning show (The Jason and Jodi Morning Show), told his show was history and handed a severance package. Shuttleworth, who had been at 820 CHAM for about five years, and Bullard did their last shows Wednesday.

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