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Kid Carson "Making The Switch" SONiC Vancouver Documentary Won’t Go To Air
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Kid Carson documentary airs tonight on City TV Vancouver 11PM. 10 months of filming. Watch “Making the Switch Vancouver. 

5:03am update. We just got word that “Making the Switch” Documentary won’t be going to air tonight. . Bell Media and The Beat 94.5 will sue Kid Carson. 

KC explains.  

Airchecker Canada

  1. Remember when Kid did that whole “a famous media person is having an affair” bit?

    He’s a master manipulator for ratings. Oh, did a new book just start this week? Hmmm.

    This is another one that his sheeple audience will devour.

    As for suing him? You had to know from the teaser that this was going to happen. Did Nira and Amy sign waivers to get used? Did he get permission to shoot in the Beat studios?

    Kid plays the “I’m so simple” card very well. When you’re getting paid millions, you’re not a simpleton, you’re part of a calculated media machine.

    This was never ever going to air and they pulled it at the last minute for the most media noise.

  2. What an ego maniac… Great planning on the “media” farce… I’m sure this got him some more attention from the “sheep”… Call it like it is… when someone is humble… they remain humble and not “talk” about how “humble” they are. LMAO!

  3. Thanks to Bell Media for saving us from having to watch a cheezy, self serving promo video for someone’s radio show.

  4. How much does Kid Carson get paid? What this is all a scam.

  5. Nobody in Vancouver (or even Canadian radio at that), gets paid “MILLIONS” to be on-air…you simpleton.

  6. Take off the S then yes it’s accurate.

  7. Kid needs to do something – look at the latest book of the station. Radio just isn’t that important to the public as it used to be.

  8. Greetings – The video is very real and not a radio hoax. A ratings lets get excited feel good story. Yes!

    Sources tell me that waivers were signed off. Initially it was just a bit on a radio guy leaving his c-host and building a station after 7 years.

    I assume the video evolved and became a short film. Bell wants Amy & Nira edited out of the video. Bell convincing Rogers not to air.

    I assume once the editing is done. YOU radio fans will see it.

    Love reading your comments. Let it rip!!

  9. Regards to radio numbers. 450 people in Vancouver decide on what produces the PPM. Yes, 450 scanning radio. I say the system is flawed and stations are performing better than indicated.

    KC show is overall well packaged. Myself, would of picked different co-host for my team. KC continues to coach them and in my ear they come across out of touch at times. Station numbers have a slight increase.

    104.9 has had a bad curse for years. I don’t like the station imaging at all. Stronger air talent required. Lots of tweaks on the programming side.


  10. Kid is a first class ass. Million or MillionS doesn’t matter, it all buys a lot of blow.

  11. Radio is full of jealousy. Keep the conversions going. Try not to cross the line!

  12. Hi Airchecker! I’m Dave Cockram! Imaging Producer at Sonic Hits Now. It breaks my heart that you don’t like our imaging. Well! See ya later!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Sorry Dave not a fan outside mornings. I think Trevor should be the guy 24/7. Current voicer talking through a megaphone.

    Imaging has such a TeenyBopper sound to me. I’m not moved at all. The scripts could be way better. Each time I tune in it’s the same liners running. No change. Boring.

    Delivery style/production has little impact in making the station sound exciting to me. After all you want to win in the ratings.

    My thoughts!

  15. Well, we appreciate you tuning in regardless! Well! See ya later!


  16. I look forward in hearing some changes.

  17. Just In:

    John Masecar effective April 01 2013. Is the new. Creative Services Manager for Rogers Radio,BC. Masecar formerly of Astral Radio.

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