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BREAKING AC: Morning Man Bro Jake Out At Rock 101 Vancouver This Summer
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BREAKING: Word is Bro Jake is done at Rock 101 Vancouver. 17 year run @CFMI. Mike Eckford & Rock Girl Alece running the show this morning.
— Airchecker (@Airchecker) May 8, 2013

 Bro Jake Edwards contract runs out this fall & won’t be renewed. Bro is taking some time off til May 21. He will return one more time. Michael Eckford who left TV for radio will play another role with Corus. Eckford is the co-host with Brother Jake Edwards. “The Champ” The morning show will come to an end late summer. A new morning team to be announced in fall. 

Airchecker Canada

  1. Bro Jake is going, I can see Robin and Dean going as well. It should be a real summer of change. The new program director at Rock 101 has a reputation for coming in and making necessary changes, that’s what he did at Virgin in 2009. The Fox needs only a change on the morning show.

  2. I think getting getting rid of Dean Hill would be a mistake. Rock 101 has the heritage in this town when it comes to classic rock and Dean’s a big part of that.

  3. The only thing The Fox DOESN’T need to change is the morning show. If speculation is true, and CFOX becomes 993FreshFM, which in my opinion is not the wisest move. CFMI should flip to an actual active rock format, and emulate KISW in Seattle. At least in terms of music, imaging, and promotions.

  4. Dean Hill, Robin Lerose have been around for a very long time here, and they are very tired. If you don’t believe me, listen to them, as soon as you have a chance. Tired old dogs, why on earth would the new management team want to spend any time trying to reach them new tricks.

  5. If rumor is true and from all understanding 101 is going to start sounding a lot like 107.7 the End from Seattle. Fresh FM is for sure going to 99.3. Very possibly within the next 14 days

  6. Confirmed: Fresh will come in and most of the bloodletting will happen at 101 and most of the DJ’s, Hancock, O’Neill, Morrisson and Danger are sliding up the dial. Robin Larose and Dean Hill gone as well as the voice tracked Joanne Wilder. Also weekend staff will be gone. Lots more programming coming, new shows and a more Hard sound

  7. Which number on the dial will jake be sliding to?

  8. Apparently he is co-hosting a morning show on Team 1040 AM with Dave Pratt starting Sept10. Check today’s Sun

  9. I miss my Jake shake in the am. I cannot imagine radio in Van without Jake. I tried listening to 101 but have switched to kism. Screw chorus radio. Big mistake boys. I hope someone grabs the vestiges of what is left at 101 and starts a new feed. ROCK ON jAKE

  10. robin dean and the boys are the most informative and funniest bunch on the dial. if you dont like it go listen to your american crap. i work in alberta, and being able to come in after work and stream 101 especially sunday nights brings me home.switch stations whiners and leave us who love classic rock alone

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