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Happy Birthday Canadian Content
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Until 1971, just about the only way a Canadian musical artist would be heard on Canadian radio, was if through a combination of extreme talent and good luck, they had made it in the US.

It was extremely frustrating for Canadian musicians that they could not be heard in their own country, while American and British artists completely dominated the airwaves.

Canadian station managers would simply accept what American charts said, and basically copy their playlists.

However, in 1955, a government commission under Robert Fowler was tasked with examining the broadcast system in Canada especially since private television stations were growing in Canada and “competing” so-to-speak with the public broadcaster CBC. The Fowler commission was to look into the roles of private and public broadcasting. It recommended that 45 percent Canadian content.

In 1967 a new regulatory body was created, The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).  As the frustration of Canadian musicians grew, so to did pressure on the CRTC to force radio stations to play Canadian music.

  1. I truly believe the Canadian content rules should be reviewed in this modern day.What do you think?

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