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Tracy Johnson Blog: How Do Today’s Personalities Differ From The Past?
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Scott Shannon, my personal radio hero and legendary programmer and personality in NYC, recently said in response to a question of what makes his show successful (Inside Radio interview):

People enjoy looking into someone else’s life. If you can put yourself out there and make it interesting, that’s a big part of a compelling morning show. As many people have said in the past, it’s like “Friends” or “Seinfeld”—you have characters on your show and you try to bring out their personalities and things that would be interesting to other people. Sometimes you might have to magnify their characteristics but that’s called show business. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s intriguing and sometimes it’s sad. It’s different every day.

The formula for success on the air has changed…no doubt about it, and Scott’s show is a shining example of remaining relevant by evolving over time.

How have personalities changed? That’s just one of the topics addressed in this podcast.

Listen as I speak with Jamie Ashbrook of (based in the UK)  on the evolution of air talent, and a variety of other talent-oriented topics:

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What can you add to the list? How has the art of on-air performance changed since you got into the business?

  1. AC wonderful that you have Tracy Johnson on your website.Looking forward to reading his modern day approach to radio.

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