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Tracy Johnson
5 Sources of Show Prep You Probably Don’t Use Yet
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Show prep sites are a great source of topics and content, and radio personalities should have at least one prep service in the tool chest. But if the service of choice isn’t available in your market or your budget just won’t allow it, there are ways to gather free data that can be adapted on the air. In fact, here are 5 radio show prep sources that you probably don’t have. And the great news is that your competition doesn’t either!

As with all show prep source, this is a place to start! Turn the topics into ideas and the ideas into entertainment. That’s the art of standing out!

So with that in mind, here are 5 radio show prep sources you may not have thought of.

Reddit Random and Trending

Reddit is known as the front page of the internet and is practically a show prep requirement for most shows, but the social news website’s content goes much, much deeper. By all means, use the main page as a resource, but don’t stop there.

Two more links to check out are Trending Subreddits and whatever comes up when you click Random.


Letters to the Editor  

The local newspaper may be losing subscriptions, but you should still get it every day. There may not be radio gold in the stories, but  the Letters to the Editor section can be a great resource. It’s a great way to see what people in your local community find important.

National stories like a political scandal, a terrorist attack or even a box office blockbuster can and are important to many of your listeners, but those topics are easy to discover — every news website is covering them. The Letters to the Editor section provides a daily snapshot of what’s important to the people in your community.


For me, free time is podcast time. While riding my bike, walking the dog or doing household chores I’m listening to podcasts that make me more well-rounded person.

When I’m well-informed, my listeners respond!

Some of the most interesting, useful podcasts I use are:

Freakonomics Radio

TED Radio Hour

On the Media

Science Vs.


Community Bulletin Boards

Did you know you can take a yoga class with your dog? The next time you’re waiting for your latte macchiato take a look at the community bulletin board at your local coffee shop. They’re filled with business cards and flyers for things you didn’t know existed in your town. Some strange, some just interesting.



Show Prep Service Archives

Hopefully your radio show prep service gives you full access to its archives. Going back one, two or five years ago this week can provide some great “hey, remember when…” content.

Bonus Tip

If you archive your best phone calls, one or two from a year ago will sound fresh to most listeners and can be used to re-launch a topic.

What are your favorite sources of content that most personalities haven’t thought of?

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