BlackBurn Radio Wins Lotto
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BlackBurn Radio Wins Lotto
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Everyone involved in an office lottery pool dreams of winning a big jackpot, but few of them ever do – and even fewer end up getting phone calls from strangers congratulating him.

That’s what’s been happening in Wingham this week, as 27 employees of BlackBurn Radio have split a $1-million windfall.

It works out to a little more than $37,000 per employee.

It’s not life-changing money … but it’s a nice little bump,” says Nick Sawicki.

The money was won in last Friday’s Lotto Max draw.

Like many office lottery pools, the one at Blackburn Radio has simple rules. Everybody puts in two dollars a week, and small wins are used to buy additional tickets.

Dan Bieman has been running the pool for the past decade.

“Anybody that’s been in it as long as I have has probably sunk in about $1,000, but it’s all worth it now,” he says.

“To share it with these fine people here is very special to me.”

The coworkers say they’ll be putting their winners toward paying off debt, taking vacations, and just generally making their lives a little bit easier.

With files from CTV London

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