CFTA Radio Back From The Brink
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CFTA Radio Back From The Brink
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Six months ago CFTA Radio was close to shutting down for good, now they’re on the road to recovery.

“When we said in the paper (Amherst News) that we needed the stairs done somebody came in and asked what it would cost,” said Bev Estabrooks, sales manager at CFTA. “I came up with a number and he wrote a cheque and he wants to stay anonymous.”

New Electrical

“The key change was getting the electrical panel finished so we could get the heat pump turned on,” said Emery.

“Andrew Melanson posted a fundraiser on facebook called, “The heat is on,” added Emery. “People donated to him and he gave us the money for an electrician.”

New Business Plan

CFTA went to the CBDC to try to get a loan but were denied because they already owed money to them.

“But what they did was give us a person, Debbie Lawrence, who did a business diagnostic and told us everything we needed to do,” said Emery. “For God sakes, I don’t know what I would have done without her. She helped us straighten out our accounting…”

Debts paid off

“There’s been so many people coming forward and handing us a cheque for $500 or $1,000 and saying, ‘I like your station, you have no idea what it means to turn you on in the morning, get the information I need and listen to the songs that make me smile,’” said Estabrooks. “The respect we have in the community has helped us to move forward. In six months we’ve gone from almost closing the doors to opening the doors and saying, ‘you know what, we’re staying. Come in and see what we’ve done.’”

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