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Stuart McLean, CBC Radio host and award-winning humorist, dead at 68
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Stuart McLean, the host of CBC Radio’s The Vinyl Café and an award-winning humorist, has died at age 68 after a battle with melanoma.

McLean’s trademark blend of storytelling — part nostalgia, part pithy observations about everyday life — and folksy, familiar delivery made him a hit with audiences for more than 20 years. But he always maintained that success came as a surprise to him.

A message to the Vinyl Café community

He laughingly recalled how his mother, accosted by a fan after one of his live performances of The Vinyl Café, said she never expected McLean to become famous.

“I didn’t really expect myself to amount to very much either,” he told CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight in 2012. “I was intimidated by the brains and the athletes all around me and just didn’t think I measured up.”

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