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Will Kid Carson announce he will be morning man Monday on Vancouver’s new 96.9 rocker? KID HAS SOMETHING UP HIS SLEEVE. SIGN UP TO KNOW FIRST.

  1. You have lost me.

  2. For you to dump on air talents like Chai and Tara Jean…… I have gone back to Rock 101.Your morning show lacks the chemistry that it used to have. Not impressed and won’t be a listener any more. Good luck, you’ll need it.

  3. Kiah and Tara Jean were great. They always made me smile I won’t be listening to this radio station anymore. The new replacements have no chemistry and aren’t even slightly funny

  4. Only reason why I enjoyed Jack FM was because of Kiah and Tara Jean – their chemistry together started my day on the right track. Won’t be listening anymore.

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