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BREAKING: Paul Brown To Be Named Morning Host 96.9 JACK FM Vancouver
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Paul Brown quit his long time morning show at The Bear Edmonton November 2016 to pursue other career options and was heading to California to pursue options.

Last week Al Ford fired the complete air staff on 96.9 JACK FM Vancouver. It was in November 2012.

Murray Brookshaw reunited Kiah Tucker and Tara Jean Stevens for mornings. Al Ford putting his stamp on the station bringing back Kenny Jones from Smith Falls to do A/D once Paul Brown is brought in.

The Paul Brown Show was been the the top rated morning shows in Edmonton. Co-hosts Yukon Jack.

Radio pros say Al Ford should of taken the time to put the music back top where it was when JACK Vancouver was pulling a 15 share. Airchecker is Canada’s #1 source for radio news. Follow our Twitter news feed at @Airchecker.

  1. Music first, air personalities should be second followed by news and media relations. K & T wiil be missed.

  2. LOVED Kai and Tara Jean!
    Very disappointed! Won’t listen to jack any longer, and know many others wont either.

  3. Big mistake to take them off. These new guys are boring and talk stupid. Bye bye 96.9, you aren’t worth listening to any longer!!!

    • I totally agree. We listened to them for years and when we woke up and heard someone that sounded like an 8yr old kid being the big-shot at recess, I hit the STFUp button!

  4. Why is Jack fm so stupid

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