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Edmonton Rock Station Petitions For Nickelback To Bump U2 In National Canada 150 Celebrations
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Edmonton Metro

Some say they’re as Canadian as toques, poutine and double doubles, and now a local radio station wants shaggy haired rock band Nickelback to be included in the country’s upcoming birthday bash in Ottawa.

The country is marking 150 years since Confederation this July 1, an event marked by a day long concert at Parliament Hill featuring Canadian talent like Cirque du Soleil, Serena Ryder and Gordon Lightfoot.

But a federal announcement last week that U2 would be the cherry on the musical sundae has drawn criticism from some circles, with naysayers focusing on the band’s Irish heritage.

Now, Edmonton rock radio station Cruz FM isn’t having it.

They’ve launched an online petition to have Nickelback step in at the Canada Day Celebrations at Parliament Hill on July 1.

“It’s so upsetting that our country wouldn’t celebrate 150 amazing years with someone that has been a huge part of our music culture. A Canadian band should be playing,” Morning Show Host Lochlin Cross said in a release.

“Canada needs to step up and ensure that a Canadian band takes the stage to represent us!”

In a release they argue that Nickel is one of our largest musical imports, and is “well known for being proud to be from not only Canada, but Alberta.”

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