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Matt Cundill: Episode 59: Rob Greenlee Of Spreaker Speaks Podcast Truth
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Rob Greenlee is the Head of Content at Spreaker. Recently, I spoke with him on a panel at the Conclave Radio Learning Conference in Minneapolis. At the end of the session, the moderator and panelists all felt we had a few more things we could have gotten to if time had permitted. No worries. That’s what podcast is for!

Rob and I spoke about some of the things radio does well with podcast, and some of the things they don’t do well. We catch up with some of the podcast headlines that have dominated over the past few months, including Apple releasing metrics, Soundcloud’s woes, and whether Spotify is a contender or pretender in podcast.

I also invite the program director of 93X, Derek Madden and his podcast co-host from KCBS Matt Kolski to talk about their podcast, The Toy Department. This is one of many podcasts “Made by Radio”. More have been posted here.

The podcast episode this week is brought to you by NLogic

I also make reference to listening to Larry Gifford’s Radio Stuff Podcast for a full rundown on #Conclave42 – you can do that here. Radio-stuff-podcast – Episode-145-sounding-off

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