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Sportsnet 650 Vancouver Continues To Build Air Team
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Sportsnet 650 Vancouver continues to make the news. Airchecker told you that 650 will utilize the staff of sister station News1130 sports staffers.

AC has learned that Rick Dhaliwal will in fact be called upon to deliver a morning sport report at 8:59,9:59,10;59 and 11:59. Dhaliwal always has the inside scoop when it comes to sports in Vancouver.

It was also revealed News1130’s Ann Schmaltz will also be moving over to Sportsnet as the rinkside reporter. Airchecker has discovered Rogers has spared no resources to make an impact in Vancouver up to thirty staffers have been hired by Rogers Sportsnet.

It was released that Joey Kenward is moving over from his job as embedded reporter with the Canucks, to do the pregame and postgame radio broadcasts on 650.

It does not stop there. 650 is bringing in Fan 590 Toronto Dan Riccio his role hasn’t been announced yet, but his Twitter bio mentions that he is a soccer reporter. He is expected to cover Vancouver Whitecaps.

Sportsnet 650 launches September 4th at 5:30 a.m

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