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Interview: Michael Kuss 96.9 JACK FM Vancouver
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Airchecker talks with good guy Michael Kuss of 96.9 JACK FM mornings. Before we do that we take a look at his career courtesy Vancouver Broadcasters.

– Graduate with degrees in meteorology and communications Saint Louis University, St. Louis MO 1993; intern KSDK-TV St. Louis and KMTR-TV Eugene OR 1993-94; on-air meteorologist/weekend sports anchor/daytime talk show host CKRD-TV Red Deer AB 1994-96; meteorologist Good Morning Toronto The Weather Network 1996-97; on-air meteorologist CKEM-TV Edmonton 1997-2001; weather anchor Global TV Toronto 2001-06; weather anchor CITY-TV Toronto 2006-10; meteorologist CTV News at Five, CTV News at Six and CTV News at 11:30 CTV British Columbia 2011-15; meteorologist Global BC 2015-17; morning co-host CJAX-FM Vancouver 2017-

AC: Not many know this but you are from Vancouver Island? Nor did they know you were a weekend sports anchor in Red Deer. You’reĀ  a versatile guy plus spent time in the U.S.

MK:I’m from Victoria. Lived in Coquitlam from 0-5 but grew up in Victoria. When I came back from the U.S. after university I got my first real TV job in Red Deer. Small market so you do everything, report shoot your own stuff. I did sports and hosted a morning show for a couple years as well as doing the weather

Michael, before we get into the radio stuff. Lets talk about your Meteorologist weather career. How did you choose weather as a career? I just learned recently that meteorologist consider the end of summer September 01.

Mk: Most everyone has some kind of interest or fascination with the weather. I just took in next level and made a career out of it.. The meteorological seasons aren’t quite the same as the astronomical ones so the meteorological summer for example runs from June 1st to August 31st

AC: Weatherman always seem to be high profile personalities don’t you think? They also love radio. Why do viewers hold the weatherman in such high regard? Don’t say because you deliver sunshine.

MK: I think the public can come to trust their local meteorologist because they have to be a little more personable on air than the anchors. They don’t read their information like news anchors do so I think they come across as more authentic and hopefully trustworthy. As far as a love of radio goes. People in TV are fascinated by radio and vise versa.

AC:You have worked across Canada. Is weather always the same everywhere? How do you see the weather through your eyes?

MK: Weather forecasting principals are the same everywhere but the factors that affect the weather are different. Here in BC we have the Pacific Ocean and the Mountains. They play huge rolls in the type of weather we get as well as how you forecast it.

AC: You were laid off at CTV Vancouver then moved on to Globa TV BC. Have you been laid off before? How did the opportunity present itself at Global? What’s is Mark Madryga like? Did you guys talk weather?

MK: I worked as a dishwasher at a restaurant called “The Other Place” in Oak Bay when I was 14. I got fired from that job.I forgot to go in too many times. CTV was the first TV job that I’ve been cut from. Jill Kropp the News Director at Global called me the next day to see if I’d be interested in working there. I had a great time at Global. Everyone was really welcoming, the shows were fun to do and the staff there is great. Mark and I talk weather for sure but we talk about other stuff too. Like any other workplace we gossip about the staff.

AC:Michael, your fans want to know how the radio gig at Jack came about? A big decision moving from Global TV to radio?

MK: Al Ford the program Director at Jack FM gave me a call out of the blue. I met him for coffee.He said he saw me do a funny cooking segment and wanted to know if I had an interest in radio.It developed from there.It’s always tough leaving a job and people you love but I was super excited about the opportunity and challenge moving into radio. Now I have a closet full of suits I don’t wear.Anyone out there a 40 regular?

AC:The launch of the show on Jack is recent. Thought you might be delivering big time Vancouver weather reports but that’s not the case, Tell us about your role on the station?

MK: My roll, I do a little weather, news headlines but other than that Paul and I have fun talking about the music and our observations of daily life.

AC: How’s your co-host Paul Brown? What’s he like to work with. Are you two hitting it off? You being the nice guy and Brown the goofie guy who will do anything.

MK: love Paul. He’s a funny quirky guy that cares a lot about the show and entertaining the listeners. He comes in with an unbelievable attitude each day.I’m blown away by it.

AC: Are you a early riser? Walk us through getting up in the morning the routine getting ready for your show? What time you arrive/leave station?

MK: I get up at 3 AM and get to Jack at 4 AM. I shower and have a bowl of cereal everyday, usually Raisin Bran

AC: On your last telecast at Global you told viewers your had a new job you did not have to suit up again? Radio nobody sees you on air. Are you glad to have dumped the suit?

MK: It didn’t bother me. It’s not a huge hassle to put a suit on and I’ve been doing it for over 20 years so it just became part of the routine/

AC: What do you want your listeners to know about Michael Kuss now that you are on the radio? Anything we don’t know?

MK: I’ve always loved music. Not a lot of TV viewers knew that about me. They knew I liked weather and probably knew I was passionate about sports

AC: I tuned in the newly brother station Sportsnet 650. Who comes on at the top of the hour Michael Kuss delivering the news.

MK: Not sure how long I’ll be doing it for but I’m happy to help out those guys in anyway I can. It’s a good crew. I’ve known a lot of those guys for a while.

AC: I have to ask you Michael. You worked with Rogers at CITTV Toronto. Vancouver CITYTV will expand newscast will you be splitting radio duties with TV?

MK: o plans to get back into TV when City adds an evening newscast soon but I wouldn’t rule out anything.

Thanks to Michael Kuss co-host with Paul Brown weekday mornings 5:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. on JACK FM Vancouver.

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