No Fun Radio Vancouver A New Voice
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No Fun Radio Vancouver A New Voice
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Despite its small size, a 100-square-foot grilled cheese shop-turned-radio station in Gastown is making plenty of space for Vancouverites to be heard in town and abroad. The online-only No Fun Radio (NFR), which started streaming out of the old Hi-Five sandwich window at the end of September, is already a booming hub, and airs programs from folks involved with the experimental Chapel Sound arts collective and longtime Cobalt club night Glory Days. The talent runs deeper than reliable faves, though, with new voices getting equal playtime among the veterans.

Our Pleasure host Paisley Nahanee tells Westender that she only started spinning records for the public a few months ago, first learning on-the-spot at one of the Fox Cabaret’s bring-your-own-vinyl Turn Tuesdays events. But the rush she got after seeing people dance to her post-punk collection led the music-lover to book more gigs around town under the name Paisley Eva. Still, the DJ didn’t think hosting her own program was an option when she first learned about the community-geared No Fun Radio.

Source Westender Gregory Adams

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