5 Ways Radio Air Talent Can Build Better Brands

We all have our buddies from college, and radio friends often hold an even higher place in our minds and hearts.  If you love the radio business, memories of the people you first met when those fires were being ignited are even more vivid.  My radio teeth were cut at Michigan State University back in the ’70s.

The TV-Radio Department as it was known back then was a hotbed of excitement and enthusiasm.  It was a fun major, and a space where like-minded radio wannabes could hang out and learn the craft.  There was a similar vibe going on at the Michigan State Network – a carrier-current web of dormitory affiliates with a central hub was the place where hundreds of fledging stars figured out radio together while entertaining thousands of MSU students.

Some of the best and brightest came out of that exciting ecosphere, and one of the most talented and smart was Scott Westerman.  The moment you met him, you knew he “got it.”  Like many of us, he got his start in radio, but then made the leap to the cable TV business.  Scott pioneered interactive content and Internet access for that industry.  He launched an international radio network, and still grabs his headphones as a contributor to “MSU Today” on WJR/Detroit, as well as co-hosting “The Mark Hollis Show” (

MSU’s Athletic Director). 





Scott also curates and the Kenner Facebook page – the radio station he grew up with that he lovingly honors today.

By day, he serves as Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations at Michigan State.  There’s no harder working, stronger supporter of the Green and White, radio, and people.  Scott is one of those rare people who connects people and ideas – because that’s his passion. 

In today’s “Guest List,” we get the benefit of Scott Westerman’s brains and knowledge as he writes a great primer for today’s on-air talent.  Take good notes.  There’s a lot here about how the next transformation of the radio industry may be less about tech and more about the person behind the mic.  – FJ

5 Ways Radio Air Talent Can Build Better Brands

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