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Welcome to the all new Airchecker experience. A social networking site for radio. We are powered by the people of radio and those who have a great passion to have conversations about radio. As the voice of the Canadian radio industry since 2009. Airchecker has gained a loyal army of followers who say we are the best source for radio. 1000s of radio lovers power your radio news each week via Airchecker. AC is all about the men and women of radio. Since 2009 AC was the first social networking news driven source for radio. Our motto is to represent the radio professional who we can learn from share stories and get information to further a career in a very competitive career of broadcasting. Airchecker through social media connections has broken Canada’s biggest breaking news in Canadian radio. I’m proud to be your trusted voice.

Airchecker will provide you the tool belt to assist you in moving your career forward. This social networking site is a toolbox just for you. Years in the making Airchecker is now rolling out as your one stop resource for those to share experiences. Get all your news on hundreds of topics in a social networking forum. Today we launch phase one. You must register in order to be involved in the total Airchecker experience. Your inbox dashboard will soon have many new tools added that will allow you to connect and help each other be the best in the industry. Airchecker has also added a feature that will allow you to post openly without the fear of any reprisal. Many radio professionals are unable to really share how they think for the fear your career could be in jeopardy. With a click of a button you can now speak freely and enjoy your experience. Airchecker is radio friendly. Over the years we have connected from stations receptionist to the General Manager.

Airchecker now hands over his website to you. The world’s first social networking website for radio. Users will define how the Airchecker looks from this day forward. We are better together in one place. As you can see we are a open style social networking site. We have not put up any walls but have created a window into radio on the home page. Again, behind the window is where the real magic happens. Please register and become a leader for others. Put your social networking personality to work..

Lets get social. Airchecker now invites the world to join in on the radio conversation. We want to hear from radio from around the world.

Users can post resume, create a blog, break or create news, embed video and audio. Post messages, make connections, create or interact in groups, ask for a job, create content and much much more. A social network toolbox for you. I’m very happy that I could create this experience for you. With your help we can make this resource a great success.

The Webmaster will be tweaking things as we move forward lots of new changes to come. Register today the world is a click away.

What’s New

  • Social Sign-In
  • User Profiles
  • Friends
  • Messages
  • Activity Streams
  • Ongoing News
  • Communities
  • Topics/Conversations/Forums
  • Anonymous Posting
  • Community Moderation

There are so many new features it’s really hard to know where to even begin showing you, so instead let’s stall a moment and talk guidelines.


Yes, guidelines. There’s lot’s of people here and we want to make sure everyone is protected, and safe. We have anonymous features, for professional discretion, but that doesn’t mean you can say <i>anything</i>. You’re used to this. Unless you work for SiriusXM you can’t turn on the mic and “f#^%ing s$*!” – you’d be fired on the spot.

So how do we moderate? Here’s a barometer we use – sure there will always be exceptions, which is at our discretion, but these are very good rules of thumb. And if we think you aren’t playing nice in the group – we will do something about it.

  • Be respectful – treat everyone with respect, even when engaging in polite disagreement.
  • Be engaging – when adding to a conversation, do it with the intent to honestly participate. Posts that are intended to solicit are just spam.
  • Be discerning – you don’t have to comment on everything. Knowing when to engage in a conversation and when not to is one of the most difficult lessons of online participation.
  • Be mindful – your activities online can be viewed by your community and the whole world. Remember that every time you hit “submit”
  • Be humble – the web is full of smarter people, more active, and older communities. You can learn and engage more effectively by following and participating than through dominating and controlling others. There’s no need to bully or demean anyone.

Ok Now that I’ve had a moment to think about it all, let’s go back to the new features

More about New Features

Social Sign-In
Yup you can use you twitter & Facebook accounts to register quickly and sign back in. We won’t share your accounts with the community unless you want to – that’s up to you.

User Profiles
The besets question is “Do I need to use my real name” – we know that there is a level of anonymity wanted. We don’t care, and we won’t regulate. You can have your name as Peanuts McGraw if you want. ( we will moderate you a lot more often if your name is just down right offensive

The other big question is what will people see? For those signed in, and are friends they will see posts in shared groups, and if they are your friend, your latest activity. If they aren’t signed in, all they see if your picture, a name ( again doesn’t have to be real ) and a user name.

When you find a user, you can friend them. You both have to agree to the friendship before we show you each others activity. It’s not Twitter here.

Yup – you can send private messages to other folk. Just go to their profile and click “Private Message” You’ll see if you have any messages waiting for you down the right hand side beside “Unread Messages”

Activity Streams
We include auto embed. If you want a link embedded, put it on a line of it’s own.

Take a look at this

That you tube link will become embedded. Try other sites like YouTube,, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Flickr, Viddler, Qik, Revision3, Photobucket, Scribd. And if you try one and it didn’t work, let us know. And we’ll work on adding it.

This is pretty much your straight forward Community Forum. Post things, share things, join group, etc…

Anonymous Posting
One of the biggest features here is the ability to post as anonymous. We still want you to sign in ( to avoid spam ) but once you’re in, you might want to say something that could be… well… sensitive. We add this feature for The initial activity and for blog commenting.

Community Moderation
See anything you think is funky? Click the little flag – and we’ll be notified that what’s been posted might not be appropriate. And we’ll handle it.

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