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Matt Cundiull: TJ Connors Elected To The White House Of Rock

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TJ Connors has come full circle. The station he grew up around is now his afternoon home. His father, the legendary Scruff Connors, was the morning man at 97.7 HTZ-FM in St. Catherines during the height of rock radio’s mass appeal phase in the early 90′s. A quarter century later, the Connors name is back on HTZ-FM.

I hired TJ to do mornings at Power in 2012, and had a chance to work with him as a consultant to his Country 103 station in Kamloops, where he was morning man and program director. We spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of following his dad on a station he helped make famous, and what makes HTZ-FM so legendary in the Niagara region.


Also on the show, Edison research released their annual “Infinite Dial” update. Jason Barrett of Barrett Sports Media was kind enough to lend me 9 minutes of his take on the podcast portion of the report. All of which I agree with. (You know those boring informericals and bad radio shows used to fill weekend slots on sports radio and news/talk? Substitute with Podcasts and reap the ratings reward!)

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Peter Anthony Holder

The Stuph File Program – Episode #0397

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Stuph File Program.

For a program list of the items included and all their accompanying links in this one hour show, you can find the information on my website in the Stuph File Program section, or just follow this link to #0397.

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Featured in this episode:

  • Kate McCallum & Adam Doolittle,
  • Natalie Davis, Program Director, GDPR Revolution 99
  • Stuart Nulman, Book Banter

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Around The Dial: Broadcast News Today

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FYI MUSIC – By David Farrell

News about media and the regulatory environment both inside and beyond Canada’s borders.

Bell Tops Radio Awards

Bell Media Radio eclipses nomination counts among all competing radio groups with 46 in this year’s Canadian Music and Broadcast Week Industry Awards that takes place Thursday, April 20 in Toronto.

Also, as previously announced, CHUM FM’s Marilyn Denis will be inducted to the Allan Waters Broadcast Lifetime Achievement Award at the CMBIAs, honouring a career that spans more than four decades as a radio and television personality. She is the first female broadcaster to receive this prestigious award. The awards will be handed out Thursday, April 20 in Toronto.

Bell Media, the nation’s top-ranked radio broadcaster, holds 105 radio licenses in 54 markets across Canada, including Virgin Radio, Canada’s #1 ranked contemporary hit radio network, along with top brands TSN, ÉNERGIE, CHUM FM, Rouge fm, and QMFM.

Bell Lands 4 WW Summit Noms

Bell Media Radio is recognized with four Industry Award nominations at the All Access World Wide Music Summit in Hollywood, May 3-5.

Bell Media Radio is in contention for Best International Radio Group; a pair of nominations in the category of International Music Director for CHUM FM’s Lisa Grossi and 99.9 Virgin Radio’s Dames Nellas; and Programming VP David Corey competes in the Best in the International Program Director/Controller category.

“These nominations underscore that Bell Media Radio represents the very best and most respected teams among peers in this very competitive industry,” said David Corey, VP, Programming, Bell Media Radio. “Congratulations to the entire Bell Media Radio team for being recognized across a diverse range of nominations, celebrating individual and collective excellence both on-air and behind the scenes. I’m blown away by the energy and talent that our Bell Media Radio teams bring to the airwaves each and every day, and proud of our role in elevating the entire industry, year after year.”

Remembering Gary Miles

Gary (Lawrence) Miles, the former CEO of Rogers Radio, died on March 14 at the age of 78. Various friends, peers and competitors including Pat Bohn, Chuck McCoy, Geoff Poulton and Elmer Hilderbrand contributed to a eulogy published by Broadcast Dialogue on Thursday.

Happy birthday Bob FM

When CFWM (99.9 Bob FM) Winnipeg launched the first Adult Hits format 15 years ago this month, the radio dial was a very different place.

These days, Classic Hits, Classic Rock, and Mainstream AC are all crowding around the ’80s as well–and even the all-’80s format is resurfacing. Stations like Bob- and Jack-FM seem diluted. But even if playing the “’80s, ’90s, and … whatever” has lost its shock value, there are still significant Adult Hits success stories. Sean Ross takes a fresh listen to the station that started it all in the ‘Peg, as well as format pioneer Howard Kroeger’s current version of Bob FM.

In 2000, Howard Kroeger, a former programming executive at CHUM, came up with the idea of Bob FM that focused on classic rock tracks mixed with a grab bag of current Hot AC tracks.

iHeartRadio logs 100M registered users

America’s largest radio conglomerate, and one of the biggest players in the streaming music game, has announced reaching a milestone 100M registered users for its app which launched in Nov. 2015. It’s an impressive number to be sure, but the company has declined to say how many active monthly listeners or premium-pay customers it has.

The broadcast giant officially entered the on-demand streaming race with the launch of two new products in December: iHeartRadio All Access and Plus that carry monthly fees of $4.99 and $9.99. The radio chain claims 250M monthly listeners in 150 markets through 858 owned radio stations in the US.

Vice loses legal battle on source confidentiality

An RCMP investigation has triggered a court ruling forcing a reporter to hand over electronic exchanges with an accused terrorist. Vice Media president Ryan Archibald says he intends to seek leave to appeal the decision at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Google’s ‘hate’ video crisis could become a $1B problem

AT&T, Verizon, pharma giant GSK and the Enterprise car-rental company all said Wednesday they were pulling their ads from a variety of Google platforms including the YouTube video-sharing site until they are satisfied their brands aren’t popping up next to internet garbage.

Marketing groups applaud US Senate vote letting ISPs sell private consumer data

Democratic Senator Ed Markey was among the dissenters, saying that the GOP “just made it easier for American’s sensitive information about their health, finances and families to be used, shared and sold to the highest bidder without their permission.”


Reginald Anthony Sellner, a Kitchener native who worked in radio at CKCR and joined CKCO very shortly after the TV station went on the air in 1954, died Monday, March 20, at U Gates in Waterloo at the age of 84. With the exception of a brief stint with the Ministry of Amateur Sport in Ottawa in the early ‘60s, he spent his television career with CKCO, hosting talk and cooking shows and the Canadian Bandstand teen dance party before becoming Promotion Manager for CKCO-TV, CFCA-FM and CKKW-AM until his retirement in 1995.


The Tyranny Of The Target Audience

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TALKERS | March 22, 2017

By Bill McMahon
The Authentic Personality

EAGLE, Idaho — I cringe every time I hear a well-meaning PD or GM instruct a personality to focus everything they create and present on “our target audience.” It often goes something like this:

“Our target audience is a woman 25-44. I want everything you create or put on the radio to appeal to her. Figure out what she cares about. Find out what she’s talking about. Imagine what she’s thinking about. Find out what she likes to do. Everything on your show should be about her. Just to remind you, I’ve put a big picture of her on the control room wall so you’ll see her every time you open the mic.”

These instructions are debilitating and dehumanizing. Without saying it, they strongly imply that the life the radio personality is living has little in common with the “target audience” and doesn’t really matter when it comes to creating stuff to put on the radio. The effect is corrosive. When radio personalities are constantly told, subtly or directly, to look outside themselves for ideas for their shows, they suffer a loss of self-awareness and self-esteem. Their individuality and even their humanity are diminished. They gravitate to safe stereotypes about the “target audience.” They rely on trending topics on social media and syndicated prep services. They begin doing a show to please their bosses and not themselves. They end up doing a show that excites almost no one, including themselves. It’s not distinctive. It’s not personal. It’s not intimate. It’s not memorable. It’s not important. The lack of energy, enthusiasm, and passion is palpable. And sadly, the show sounds just like every other morning radio show. For example, when was the last time you heard a morning radio show with a female “target audience” that didn’t have a woman reporting celebrity news and gossip each day. The exact same celebrity news and gossip heard up and down the radio dial and widely available on Facebook and other social media. You know, the ever present trending topics.

The tyranny of the “target audience” instruction has created countless victims within the radio business. It’s also caused many really talented and interesting personalities to flee traditional AM and FM radio for places like the world of podcasting that allow more creative freedom and encourage innovation and experimentation. I’ve talked to many of the victims over the years. Regrettably, what they all seem to have in common is a loss of their individuality and personal identity. When I ask them what kind of show they want to do, they always tell me, “I can do whatever kind of show you want me to do.” They often ask me, “What is your target audience?” If I give them an answer, no matter what it is, they nearly always tell me, “I can do a show for that audience.”

There are other big problems with the “target audience” instructions. They assume every woman or man is living their life as part of a homogenous demographic group. Like every woman 25-44 has the exact same life with the same interests, wants and needs. They also assume that it’s possible to predict, with some certainty, what every man or woman wants to hear on the radio because they belong to a demographic group. That’s a myth. If it were true, every song would be a hit, every movie a blockbuster, every book a bestseller, and every radio show would be killing it in PPM.

So why not forget the mythical “target audience” and instead encourage personalities to focus their creative efforts on the one thing they all have in common with their listeners? Male or female, no matter our age, we all share the same set of emotions. Joy and sadness. Love and hate. Doubt and fear. Emotion is the universal human connector. The surest way for a radio personality to create the most distinctive, appealing, and relevant content and attract the largest and most loyal audience possible is to pay attention to what rings their emotional bell in every event and circumstance of their lives. What makes them laugh, cry, or marvel. What generates a sense of wonder and awe. What causes them to think or feel differently or completely change their mood. What inspires them. What gets them truly excited and arouses their curiosity. This is the source of great content because it springs from what we all have in common. Not our age, sex or demographic group, but our humanity, our human emotions.

Don’t let the tyranny of the “target audience” claim another victim, produce another bland and disposable radio show, or chase another talented artist from AM and FM radio.

Bill McMahon, CEO of The Authentic Personality, is a longtime talk radio station and talent consultant who has played a role in the development of the careers of many leading hosts over the past three decades. He can be phoned at 208-887-5670 or emailed at