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Red Robinson Last Show CISL 650 August 27th

Thanks for the memories Red from Airchecker

My friend and entertainment industry legend Bruce Allen has accepted my invitation to join Pat O’Day and me on the Red Rock Diner finale Sunday, August 27 from 12-4pm on 650 CISL!

Bruce and I go way back: he was an 11-year old kid in the audience when I presented Bill Haley and The Comets at Vancouver’s Kerrisdale Arena in 1956! He’s been a true friend over the decades, but he tells me he’s had enough of me retiring!

We recorded these promos in his Vancouver office yesterday. Just for “fun” I’ve included a finger-snapping classic C-FUN jingle from the “Go-Go” era in 1966.

Bruce Allen, Pat O’Day and the music we love… a once-in-a lifetime event you won’t want to miss. Sunday, August 27 from 12-4 pm on 650 CISL! Streaming worldwide at

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Documentary Rock Radio Disc Jockeys: I Am What I Play

Documentary about rock radio disc jockeys directed by Roger King.

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An Interview With Alan Burns The Founder of Alan Burns and Associates

By Broadcast Dialogue

On this week’s Broadcast Dialogue podcast, we chat with Alan Burns the Founder of Alan Burns and Associates.

Broadcast Dialogue has been required reading in the Canadian broadcast media for 25 years. When you subscribe, you join a community of connected professionals from media and broadcast related sectors from across the country.

The Weekly Briefing from Broadcast Dialogue is delivered exclusively to subscribers by email every Thursday. It’s your link to critical industry news, timely people moves, and excellent career advancement opportunities.

Let’s get started right now.

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Cancer Claims Iconic Vancouver Radio Personality Neil Macrae

By Scott Brown Vancouver Province

Neil Macrae, the controversial and cranky voice of sports for 40 years on Vancouver radio, most of it with CKNW and Rock 101, has died of cancer at the age of 65.

CKNW reports that Macrae died Thursday at his home in Palm Springs, California.

Macrae, who rose to prominence in 1980s as an on-air sparring partner of legendary CKNW morning man Frosty Forst, told Sun columnist Greg Douglas in 2012 that he recognized early in his career that he would have to be different from the crowd to stand out. If that required him putting on the black hat and becoming a radio villain, then so be it.

“If 50 per cent hate my guts and 50 per cent want to listen to me, it means they are all listening. No matter how you cut it, it boils down to ratings,” Macrae said.

His on-air rants frequently rankled the feathers of the people he covered, like former Vancouver Canucks general manager Brian Burke and current Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini.

“Aquilini doesn’t like me calling him Aqui-loonie,” Macrae told Douglas. “He sent me a couple of threatening letters but it didn’t amount to much. I generally read letters like that on the air and let the listeners decide who’s right and who’s wrong. They are almost always in my corner.”

In 1987, Macrae was also involved in a high-profile dispute with legendary CKNW sports broadcaster “Big” Al Davidson, which led to a firing and a lawsuit.

CKNW dismissed the then 62-year-old Davidson for “threatening” Macrae’s life. Davidson said a joke he made during a Canucks-Boston Bruins game was misinterpreted as a physical threat and that Macrae contacted police.

“It was no threat at all,” Davidson said at the time. “The man’s 30 years younger than me, for Pete’s sake.”

Davidson, who died in 1991, later won a wrongful dismissal lawsuit.

Macrae’s radio career came to end in 2013 when he was fired by Rock 101, the FM sister station of CKNW.

“I was planning on quitting but instead got a two-month settlement when they fired me,” Macrae said at the time. “I want to thank them for helping me pay for some of my property taxes.”

Macrae was married to Laurie Rix, daughter of Dr. Donald Rix, a legend in Canadian philanthropy and the biomedical field. The couple ran The Rix Family Foundation which donates to charities and major universities across Canada.


Radio Jingles CKZZ Z95.3 Vancouver

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RIP “Big Daddy” Dave McCormick

By Red Robinson

In 1959 “Big Daddy” Dave McCormick was hosting the Hi Fi Club, a syndicated radio show, on C-FUN. The producers would send the package but the local deejay would run the contests, read the commercials and follow the scripts supplied. Dave’s show became so popular station management suggested he take over programming, and Dave took C-FUN to its very first Top 40 format. Dave was creative and went up against established CKWX and won the ratings battle. He was inventive, promotion minded and saw the future. He knew what the kids wanted and delivered with great deejays and music. Dave hired Frosty Forst, Jerry Landa, Brian Lord, Andy Laughland and Al Jordan and called them The Good Guys. He was the first in North America to use this phrase.

When I returned from working in the US in 1961, I returned to CKWX but times had changed and C-FUN was now King of the Hill. When Dave quit C-FUN in 1962 to take a job in California radio, we worked together on the transition. We both announced the C-FUN top 50 songs of the week on a 4 hour radio show.

Dave returned in later years to CFMI with his new show and a feature he called Discumentary.

Dave McCormick passed away yesterday and the radio people who knew him loved him as listeners over the decades will long remember his gifts to Vancouver radio. We all will miss him. Rest in Peace old friend.

Back in December 2009 I wrote about this painting on

“The timing couldn’t be better for the genius of Bruce Stewart to strike again with this brand new “fantasy” painting of Dave McCormick and the original C-FUN deejays. Bruce has the ability to capture the essence of an era. This period at C-FUN was the first fling at Top 40 that was totally driven by Dave. He left in early 1962 and that is when I joined the illustrious group. Brian “Baby Blue” Lord left at the same time.

For more on C-FUN, visit Jim Bower’s FUN-tastic site Vancouver Top 40 Radio. Jim was kind enough to pass along Bruce’s note:

‘Late evening – summer of 1961. I, as a boy of almost fifteen, in hospital for a small procedure, but bed-bound for almost two weeks. Nothing to do but count the holes in the acoustic ceiling tiles, over and over — and listen to C-FUN, when Roy the Boy was ‘Crying’, and Paul Anka was ‘Kissing on the Phone’… all I could think of was the hot days and how they were passing me by, outside my window.

And that imaginary summer view inside another window: the ‘Control Room’ and the board, where mischief was afoot, with Big Daddy at the controls, the Good Guys providing backup, awaiting their turn at the mike, taking requests, spinning the disks and weaving the magic! A fantasy image of what the listener (me) imagined just what the DJ board at C-FUN might look like amid the chaos of a Summer Soundathon week — if radio had pictures! Only in the mind’s eye of a listener, out there, everywhere around a place called Funland!

In the late 60s, when I was working summers at UBC, I did an illustration for a dual Ampex tape deck module (reel to reel) commissioned by Stan Davis, whose company Broadcast Technical Services produced the module. Long after, I learned that Stan (now sadly passed) designed and built the technical end of C-FUN in the early 60s. I guess he was my inspiration for this piece, although a lot of my ‘technical’ input was made up — part of my ‘imagining’ concept. It IS a change from the other illustrations on the Vancouver Top 40 site, however! I kept adding more and more ‘stuff’, until it became a bit of a MAD Magazine piece with subplots abounding… cats keeping the mice population down, and Frosty passing a chipped 45 to a harried and overworked Dave!’”

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Charles Adler Tonight – World Radio Day – Ryan Jespersen

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Simi Sara Show CKNW Hockey’s Most Famous Voice, Bob Cole – Now In His Own Words


If you are a hockey fan, you know Bob Cole’s legendary voice. He has done the play-by-play for some of hockey’s best-remembered games, including the Summit Series, Canada’s gold-medal game in Salt Lake City, and twenty years of Stanley Cup finals.

Guest: Bob Cole – Legendary sports broadcaster

Author of the new book, Now I’m Catching On: My Life On and Off the Air

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Canadian Radio Legend Chuck McCoy Hall Of Fame Award

Chuck McCoy receiving the 2016 Hall of Fame Award from the The Ontario Association of Broadcasters in Toronto. Chuck McCoy started at CKY in Winnipeg in 1965 and worked his way to 1050 CHUM as an air talent. His most recent role was executive vice president with Rogers Toronto.

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Morning Radio Personalities Reflect Life After The iPod | How They Had To Change Show


It didn’t look like a big deal, at the time.

“I vaguely remember the – I guess, the debut of the iPod,” says Rock 92 morning radio co-host, Chris Demm – yes, one of those “2 Guys Named Chris.”

It was 15 years ago – Oct. 23rd, 2001 – when Steve Jobs introduced the iPod … only eight months after introducing iTunes.

Elon University music production professor, Todd Coleman, was a fan of the product and saw, early on, the havoc it could create.

“I thought the real disruption was being able to buy single tracks. I think that had a bigger disruption than just physically carrying your songs with you,” says Coleman. “It allowed people to listen to just the songs that they wanted, and purchase them.”

Now, why flip on the radio to hear your favorite song when you already have it … in your pocket?

“We have changed the show,” admits Demm. “It was a combination of technology and also market forces.”

Particularly when Apple opened up the iPod and iTunes to Microsoft Windows technology and sales took off, the smart radio stations like Rock 92 (WKRR in Greensboro) evolved with the times. Instead of playing rock music as they always had, they quickly transitioned into a personality-based morning show, using the talents of Chris Demm and his partner Chris Kelly.

“And I was terrified of it, because I thought, ‘What are we going to do to fill four hours?’” says Kelly.

But they adapted just fine – winning awards for their show and having one of the largest radio audiences in the Carolinas, even after other technology was created to compete with them, like the streaming services Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music.

“It’s pretty easy to get in the car and flip on the radio and not have to worry about building playlists, or downloading stuff or subscribing to stuff – it’s always there,” says Kelly. “And we have found that, yes, people who are using Spotify and iPod and all those things but often times not at the expense of radio.”

And Professor Coleman points out, in some ways these new technologies have brought new fans to radio.

“With the rise of the iPod and iTunes, when Apple made it very easy to subscribe to these podcasts, even talk radio I think in a lot of ways was impacted in that younger people who normally didn’t listen to talk radio,” says Coleman. “They only listened to music but they were now tuning in to podcasts about Harry Potter.”

And often then tuning into, “2 Guys Named Chris,” the next morning … see why, in this edition of the Buckley Report.

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Radio Vet Erin Davis CHFI Toronto Set To Retire December 15th

erinFollowing nearly three decades of waking Torontonians up with her warmth, spirit, and humour, Erin Davis will sign off as the voice of mornings on 98.1 CHFI. The whole CHFI family is going to miss hearing Erin’s voice each morning but we’re sending her best of wishes as she embarks on a new chapter in life. And this isn’t goodbye! Erin will return for future specials and features on CHFI.

Watch as Erin made the announcement live on CHFI and Facebook. Click here.


My Dear Friend –

You may have heard my announcement on CHFI today, Wednesday Nov. 9. Here’s all that I have to say…more than I could have gotten through on the radio, but everything that’s in my heart. Please take a few minutes to read this. I mean every single word.

In 1988 I came to CHFI to do morning news with Don Daynard. I was 25, he was 54, our ages reflecting the exact demographic that our show was hoping to attract: 25-54.

Even with my youthful drive and dreams, I couldn’t possibly have envisioned the ride that was ahead. And now, coincidentally, I find myselfat that second number. Somehow the roundness of it all feels…right. It’s time.

Next month – on December 15 at Casa Loma – I’ll be doing my final morning show on CHFI. Without a doubt, this has been the hardest decision of my career – of my life – and Rob and I do not take it lightly.

But we’ve had to face much harder things in the past 18 months and they have all led to this moment. And so has the accumulation of years: since the age of 18, I have arisen every day between 3 and 4 am to go to a job I love.

My day has never ended when the show did; passion for what I do has meant my work and life were one. And both have been, almost without exception, wonderful. We are grateful. But we are also exhausted.

The day after that last show, a moving van will point westward and we’ll go almost as far as one can travel in this glorious land of ours, to British Columbia and family that awaits us. There, we will begin a new life – a different life – and one that we hope will bring us the peace for which our broken hearts have yearned.

Losing our precious Lauren at just 24 years old last year – so suddenly, so senselessly – made us realize as a couple how very few promises this life holds. Everything we thought we had figured out – our lives – vaporized in the time it took for one beautiful heart to stop beating.

The ensuing months have also brought us to the realization that everyone has had the opportunity to move on – to continue with their lives and to grow forward – except us. That’s why we have to try to start anew. We are not giving up; we are starting over.

This is hard. There are three gut-wrenching elements to this decision, the first of which is moving away from our beloved grandson Colin, who’s just two years old.

When Colin and his father needed us most, we were there for them: physically and in every other way we could be. But now, as they move into what we pray is a bright new future together, and two have become three, we need to give them all room to grow without a constant reminder of “what was”; without Rob and me (at least with the same frequency).

We plan to (and have promised we will) be a part of Colin’s life, just as my grandparents were an integral part of mine from a distance.

Phil knows we’ll all be only a five-hour flight instead of a five-hour drive apart. Our visits will be regular; our love for Colin, as it is for Lauren, without bounds. Always and forever, no matter what.

Secondly, as you can imagine, it is extremely difficult for us to leave our friends – from former longtime bandmates to hockey buddies to dear and close radio co-workers who’ve been like family to Rob and to me.

While we have few actual family members in Ontario, every person who’s been kind to us, who’s been there for us and shared their lives with us over our 30+ years here together, is cherished and will be missed more than we can imagine.

And finally…you. Oh my friend, you.

Some 8,000 mornings (minus vacation and a brief sabbatical here and there, or the years before we found each other) we’ve shared stories, laughs, tears and memories.

You sent gifts when Rob and I married, cards and hand-knitted booties when Lauren arrived, emails and comforting words when I left CHFI and notes of congratulations when I returned.

But it’s been since May 11, 2015 that you’ve saved me – saved us – by writing, by calling, by praying and simply by being there. Your words and support during the worst days a parent can ever endure helped us to realize, and then to help others realize, that we can survive anything.

I want you to know that my leaving this wonderful career I’ve enjoyed doesn’t mean I’m giving up! It only means that we’re choosing another path. When the glass appeared to be emptying, we chose a smaller glass, that’s all.

As the days before our final show tick away, I’ll be sharing with you here our plans in the west, how this isn’t the end of you and me (the journal at will continue, if you’ll keep coming by) and what CHFI has planned for the future for you in the mornings, going forward.

My relationship with the station is not coming to an end, I am happy to tell you.

I can’t say enough about the understanding, love and compassion that have been extended to Rob and to me by the management at CHFI and Rogers since that awful day in May, especially by our friends Julie Adam and Wendy Duff.

They happen to be my bosses, too, and have been there with hugs, tears, support and constant reminders that, whatever we needed to get through this, we would only have to request.

Not for a moment did they question our decision to end this part of a beautiful relationship, and we will forever be grateful to them for the depths of humanity they’ve shown in what is, at its core, a business.

Julie and Wendy and the entire staff at CHFI and Rogers have shown us that, when we call ourselves a “family” at work, that is more than just a word.

Let me close for now by saying how grateful I am – and will always be – for the love, the kindness, the life you have given our little family.

Believe me when I say to you that, as the old Gladys Knight song goes, “If anyone should ever write my life story – for whatever reason there might be – you’ll be there, between each line of pain and glory – ’cause you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

I mean those words – about you and to you. Of course I include Rob, Lauren and Colin, our parents and our siblings in that sentiment as well. And it comes from the bottom of an endlessly grateful heart.

This is not good-bye; it’s just a change.


Additional audio from Erin explaining why she is stepping away. Click here.

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Allaccess: Drake Donovan New Voice For Newcap Radio 8 Alberta Country Stations

drakedonovanDRAKE DONOVAN of DRAKE DONOVAN CREATIVE SERVICES has been tapped by NEWCAP RADIO as the station imaging voice for eight signals in the Province of ALBERTA. The stations have all been re-branded as “REAL COUNTRY” and include CKGY/RED DEER, AB; CKSQ/STETTLER, AB; CIBQ/BROOKS, AB; CJPR/BLAIRMORE, AB; CKSA/LLOYDMINSTER, AB; CHSP/ST. PAUL, AB; CKWB/WESTLOCK, AB; and CKVH/HIGH PRAIRIE, AB.

“I’m stunned to add eight sets of call letters to my client list,” DRAKE said. “My thanks to NEWCAP and the ‘REAL COUNTRY’ staff for adding me to their team. I’m a huge Country fan, so this is right in my wheelhouse.” DONOVAN is represented exclusively by NATE ZEITZ and HOSS at CESD TALENT AGENCY. For rates and availability in your market, contact and or call (212) 477-01666.

 Check out Drake Donovan radio demo’s

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On The Move: Alex Carr X929 Calgary Moving To Evenings CFOX Vancouver

Airchecker can tell you this move takes place late November.

Way back before Christmas Lynch & Alex Carr, alongside some lucky listeners, took place in our Market Mall Shopping Challenge! Watch the highlights

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CIRH-FM: Roundhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver Celebrates First Year Anniversary

CIRH-FM Roundhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver. This is a story of the journey of building a radio station. Audio with  Don Schafer explaining what it took to win a radio license. 

A low power, specialty FM radio station on 98.3 FM in Vancouver. Roundhouse 98.3 focuses on context and stories that affect everyone living in the City of Vancouver.

Vancouver’s Roundhouse Radio is celebrating one year on air as of October 15, 2015. The stations vision was lead by radio veteran Don Schafer in 2012. The dream of owning a radio station was drafted on a napkin. The format would be a talk radio station focusing on local stories. 80% percent talk radio & 20 percent music.

Roundhouse Radio format format would cover. Music, culture, news, weather, sports, the promotion of local events, public affairs, documentaries, radio plays and dramas. She said that means everything from poetry slams, storytelling, the promotion of community cleanups and festivals, fitness events and opportunities for inner city kids. In March, 2013 CRTC issued a call for applications for a new broadcasting license in Vancouver. 13 applications were put forward.

Don Shafer is a journeyman broadcaster who has sat in most chairs in radio and television stations across Canada. He has been on air, programmed dozens of radio stations and he has been integral in helping to build such well known stations as CHOM FM, CHUM FM, Q107, CFOX FM and ROCK 101 Vancouver. He has also held various senior management positions with Moffatt Communications, WIC, the Torstar Media Group Standard Radio and Astral Media. There are few choices for a radio station whose sole objective is to be actively involved in the City and to serve the needs of citizens who live, work and play in Downtown Vancouver.

The Roundhouse Radio difference is the spotlight on an active citizenry: poetry slams, storytelling, community clean-ups and festivals, public debate, opportunities for inner city kids, live music, local artists and culture, sporting and fitness events, news and features focused on the City and its component neighbourhoods are all initiatives embedded in their application.

According yo Business Vancouver. Roundhouse received strategic advice from former CKNW producer Shirley Stocker, former Global, CBC and CHEK news anchor Tony Parsons and Kirk LaPointe, the print and broadcast media executive seeking Vancouver’s mayoralty for the NPA. (See “A fond farewell to St. Pierre and the glory days of dailies, CKNW” – BIV issue 1293; August 12–18.)

August 6, 2014 The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) approved Roundhouse Radio Specialty FM station 98.3 FM Vancouver. 80% spoken word, 20% music ratio.

Amazing story of how dreams do come true. It took allot of work by Don Shafer & his associates to have a winning application. According to Wikkipedia. The ownership of the station is as followed.Control of the station is exercised by Pushor Family Holding Corp., Okanagan Valley Business Consulting Ltd., Daudrich 2007 Family Trust and Craig and Candace Cameron, Don Shafer and Yvonne Evans, collectively Roundhouse Radio.

Airchecker with exclusive audio of CIRH-FM 88.3 FM station launch. October 15, 2015.  A studio audience. Don Shafer,Terry David Mulligan, Tracey Friesen, Sarah McLachlan & associates. 

Roundhouse Radio at

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Matt Cundill: Getting Radiowise With Marty Forbes

By Matt Cundill

Marty Forbes was the General Manager of Standard Radio in Edmonton for many years. His Father was the legendary Jerry Forbes at 630 CHED, who started many great charities including Santa Anonymous. Since leaving Standard Radio, Marty started a company called Radiowise that consults radio properties with an emphasis on Digital inclusion. This is another podcast where you should feel free to take notes.

With 25 years of radio experience programming and as on the air performer, Matt Cundill provides branding solutions for radio stations and online media. Our goal is to maximize all your branding opportunities by aligning on-air talent, station imaging, and on air content. Matt is also an accomplished Voice Over Creationist for clients like Cabelas Canada and the Nova Scotia Liberals.


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Charles Adler Speaks With CJOB Legend Bob Irving

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Jeff Woods Radio Show Debuts In October | Records & Rockstars

Jeff Woods has a new radio show seeking affiliates now. Records & Rockstar Radio Show will launch late October. There is a special introductory price for the new series, for medium and small market stations. Programmers can contact Jeff Woods

The most talked about Jeff Woods attribute is his voice. It has been heard on radio and television for decades. Jeff’s life and career has been about creating content and context around music and the promotion of bands and recording artists.

Jeff has also programmed radio stations and websites including Q107 Toronto, The FOX and Rock 101 Vancouver, in addition to being on the team that launched the original brand known as The Bear (Edmonton).

Canada’s leading vintage rock authority, Woods has been at the center of conversation and context around music for 30+ years. Jeff has hosted radio programs and series, since 1983. He was the creator and host of The Legends of Classic Rock, heard internationally over 14 seasons, by a million weekly listeners across Canada and around the world. His many one-on-one interviews include artists like The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Rush, Ozzy Osbourne, The Band, Pearl Jam, Santana & David Bowie.

Records & Rockstars

Programmers can contact Jeff Woods


Legendary Vancouver Radio Legend Jack Cullen | The King Of Night Time Radio

Jack Cullen in late 1982, aired in January 1983.

He was recording his show in a small strip-mall in Burnaby, BC Canada (Brentwood Mall)  and didn’t want the outside filmed because his vast record collection was in there at the time.

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History: Why Does AM-FM Radio Play The Same Songs Over And Over


Why He Quit His Radio Career

Ten years on the air decides to pack it in. Appears he is in love but we needed to hear the story on Airchecker.



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AM 640 The Stafford Show: Canadians Living Pay to Pay Taxes, Low Wages, Or Expensive Utilities?


Launch of Newcap’s Radio 96 5 FM 12 Noon Aug 26th 2013 Halifax

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Aircheck: Pat Burns CJOR Radio Vancouver Interview 1988

Pat Burns – The Caller – Believe it or Not!

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Radio Under Attack: Executive Panel | Radio in the Digital Age