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Oscar Red Carpet Challenge

Last week, the Radio Stuff podcast dissected the SNL 40th Anniversary red carpet show for lessons on interviewing. To listen click here.

Today, while watching the Academy Awards red carpet coverage see how many of these you notice.

1. Interviewer guesses the emotions of the stars. (You must be excited…were you surprised?.. Are you nervous?)

2. Interviewer asks a yes or no question.

3. Interviewer makes a statement and hopes the guest fills the space. (That was amazing… Tell me about…)

4. Interviewer confuses star by asking multiple questions at once.

5. Interviewer asks awkward question due to lack of prep/research.




BBC iPlayer Adds Radio Downloads

Current rules only allow streaming of radio programmes for up to seven days after broadcast, with the exception of podcasts. The change in policy, which will begin in 2014, comes after an assessment by the BBC Trust working with brodcast regulator Ofcom. Listeners will have seven days to download catch-up radio content, 30 days to store it before opening and, once opened, seven days to listen to it. A BBC spokesman said: “We are delighted with the Trust’s decision. We will now start work to bring download functionality to BBC iPlayer Radio, a process which we anticipate will take some months yet.” process which we anticipate will take some months yet.”

Internet and Broadcast: It’s All RADIO To Podcasting Satellite

Podcasting, Satellite, Internet and Broadcast: It’s All RADIO To Us

It’s vitally important to recognize that every time a new audio distribution technology comes along, the word “radio” comes along for the ride. When the first live audio streams went online in the mid-90s, did everyone call this “streaming internet audio?” No, they called it “internet radio.”
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