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GIFFORD: Catching Up With Eckford

Last week, CKNW afternoon drive host Mike Eckford quit his radio show. On this week’s Radio Stuff Podcast I called him up to see how he’s doing. Among our topics of conversation was what he thinks his legacy at CKNW will be. He was very frank, “I don’t think it will be much to be perfectly honest. I came to the station at a real transitory time for them and I was part of that transition. You know, hopefully, a positive part of that transition for people internally. Externally, I’m very gratified that some people enjoyed it and I understand that some people didn’t. But, I think my legacy if anything will be part of the internal transition of CKNW to whatever it is next.”

Listen to his full comments below.

Larry Gifford Radio Stuff Podcast

GIFFORD: Spilling the Beans

A few weeks ago, KROQ morning team Kevin & Bean were inducted intno the NAB Hall of Fame. I talked to Bean, Gene Baxter, about the honor, radio’s influence on his life, how the show came to be (and seemingly never leave), his donation of a kidney to a co-worker, hosting a show in LA from his house in Seattle and more. It is split over two episodes of Radio Stuff.

Episodes 98 and 99; The shows also feature CKNW’s Drex talking ot a PD of a radio station in Colorado that has created a new format around marijuana, former Saga Communications programming exec Steve Goldstein on his new venture and secrets to spotting great talent, and Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs shares insights from the recently released TechSurvey 11 which surveyed over 41,000 listeners of over 220 radio stations from Canada and the U.S.

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