Great Music Sites
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I'm looking for great music sites. Does anyone know of any?

How do you deal with trolls?
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Trolls are a part of the web. We all have seen posts that are irrelevant to the discussion, long tirades about the trouble of society and the injustice of it all – when really we posted a funny youtube clip.

How do you deal? Do you delete, ignore, fight? Are there any tell tale signs to know which route is best taken?

Today’s Radio How Do You See It?
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I speak with radio pros working in today's radio and the way they see it life is good. Then we hear from others saying radio today is not like days of old. Boss radio bringing you out of the chair when listening to radio.

What are your thoughts.

Who’s Posting This?
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One of the biggest questions I always have around tweets & posts, is who's posting? I know there are probably 3-5 people with access, and I expect everyone to be posting.

A great solution is to simply sign the post/tweet. Normal conventions are to end the post with “- Name” or on twitter “^ME”

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